Lives and works in Berlin, DE.


2001-2002    First year of medical university, Poitiers, FR
2002-2007    School of Visual Communication (ECV) Bordeaux & Paris, FR
2007    Master of Visual Communication, Paris, FR

Solo & two person exhibitions

2019    Hear the lizards listening  (w Maren Karlson, curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer), Mélange, Köln, DE
2018    FEST stage II  La Placette, Lausanne, CH
2018    FEST stage I (curated by Elise Lammer), Motto books x Alpina Huus, Berlin, DE
2018    Sun Sipping Some Syrup  (w Silke Briel), Frontviews Gallery, Berlin, DE
2016    Comfort zone - L’Espace de l’Espèce, Berlin, DE
2015    Dis//Locations - Gallery Rad Hourani, Paris, FR

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019    Cloak of Mercy (curated by Christina Gigliotti), Horse and Pony Fine Arts, Berlin, DE
2019    Uttran II Uttran, SE
2019    Texte sind die wichtigste Nebensache in einer Ausstellung - Schau Fenster, Berlin, DE
2018    Sit-Show - OT projectraum, Berlin, DE
2018    Toxoplasma Granii Maybe (curated by Christina Gigliotti), Catbox contemporary, NY, US
2018    TB 2 IRL (curated by Tristan Deschamps), Plus Dédé, Berlin, DE
2018    A Strong Desire  PS120 Gallery, Berlin, DE
2018    Ordination Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna, AU
2018    Augmented Sunrise Beneath the Skin (curated by GeoVanna Gonzalez), Gr_ünd, Berlin, DE
2018    Hands have a tragic hierarchy - Five Car Garage, Los Angeles, US
2018    I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish Urlaub projects, Berlin, DE
2018    Haptic House (curated by Penny Rafferty), Horse and Pony Fine Arts, Berlin, DE
2018    Everytime you switch me off, I die. A little (curated by Like a little disaster), Foothold, Polignano a Mare, IT
2017    All Stars - State of the Art, Berlin, DE
2017    Times new romantic - Gallery M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin, DE
2017    Smokescreen Store Contemporary, Dresden, DE
2017    State of the art - Gallery Lily Robert, Paris, FR
2016    Meatspace - The Impossible Project, Berlin, DE
2016    Underneath the seat - Ying Colosseum intervention, Körner Park, Berlin, DE
2016    Spitzweg’s Stay - Ying Colosseum intervention, Simitdchi bakery, Berlin, DE
2016    Late night lullaby Ying Colosseum intervention, Blackland bar, Berlin, DE
2015    Yes to all - Gallery Treize, Paris, FR


2017    Kunsthalle Roveredo Hosted by Elise Lammer, Roveredo, CH


2017    Parallax - Collaboration with Alizée Lenox
2016    Kiosk magazine n.90 - Collaboration with Alizée Lenox
2016    Evolving in shades of cola - Collaboration with Alizée Lenox